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See You in a Hundred Years

252 pages. 



Good condition, minimal signs of wear and tear



To save their marriage and their sanity, the author and his wife sold their belongings, packed up their two-year-old son, and moved to a rundown farmhouse in the country without any plans past surviving the year. Living as though it were the year 1900, they struggled with recalcitrant livestock, garden-destroying bugs, rain that would not come, and their own insecurities, to ultimately discover a sense of community and a sense of themselves that changed not only their marriage, but the entire Swoope, Virginia community. Lyrically told and powerfully evocative, this memoir for the modern age deals with the  growing sense of disassociation and yearning to escape the frenetic pace of daily life in today’s society.

See You in a Hundred Years by Logan Ward

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